Would you like to:

Live a life you love?
Increase your ability in relating with family and friends?
Respond to health issues?
Value and respect yourself?
Find balance between work and other activities?
Overcome your limitations?
Get a job or change your work?
Find a soul mate?
Resolve money issues?

Essential Life Consulting (ELC) can help you!

In a series of 5 sessions, you receive 5 precious keys that connect you with your true nature.

Once your are connected to your inner being, you:
Love and respect yourself
Enjoy relating with family and friends
Go for what you always wanted
Respond to life’s challenges
and much more…

Between the sessions, you practice simple exercises and heart meditations and by and by you gain the mastery of your own life.

The ELC sessions are either given on Skype in the comfort of your own home or in person  in the Geneva area. They are easy to follow, inspiring and rapidly  give you real results that enhance the quality of your life.

You are guided in specially designed meditation exercises, giving you a direct experience of each of the five keys and how to ground them in your life. You have the opportunity to share and to ask questions at any time. Suvasa will support you through whatever challenges and difficulties you may have and will help you in finding solutions.

As you make positive changes in your life, you will respect yourself, find the courage to be who you are and move in life with a lightness and confidence.

For more information, please contact Suvasa who will be very pleased to answer all your questions.