The Intuition of the Heart

The exercises and guided meditations in this module help you to trust in yourself, something you may have been longing for your whole life. As you experiment with this meditation, you discover a new way to make choices by connecting with your intuitive intelligence, which is much deeper within you than your mind.

If you try to make a decision with your mind alone, it can be very difficult to make a clear decision. Thoughts and desires in the mind constantly change. When we just listen to our mind we have the tendency to doubt our decisions and may think, “Maybe I should have done something different”. In order to make a decision from the mind, you usually have to block out the other possibilities, which can give you the feeling that something is missing. The heart gives a wider perspective, which allows you to include everything that is important to you in making a decision. With the intuition of your heart, you make better choices. You are able to make decisions that are right for you with confidence. You feel less divided, more integrated and whole.