Your Only Wealth

Remember, only that which you can take with you when you leave the body is important. That means, except meditation, nothing is important. Except awareness, nothing is important, because only awareness cannot be taken away by death. Everything else will be snatched away, because everything else comes from without.
Only awareness wells up within. That cannot be taken away. And the shadows of awareness – compassion, love – they cannot be taken away. They are intrinsic parts of awareness. You will be taking with you only whatsoever awareness you have attained. That is your only real wealth.

Walk Consciously

When you are walking on the road, you can walk consciously. That’s what Buddha says one should do. You are alert, deep down you are aware that you are walking. You are conscious of each movement. You are conscious of the bir ds singing in the trees, the early morning sun coming through the trees, the rays touching you, the warmth, the fresh air, the fragrance of newly opening flowers.

What is Meditation?

And what is meditation? It does not mean meditating upon something; the English word is misleading. In English there is no word adequate enough to translate Buddha’s word samasati. It has been translated as meditation, as right mindfulness, as awareness, as consciousness, alertness, watchfulness, witnessing – but there is not really a single word which has the quality of samasati.
Samasati means: consciousness is, but without any content.
There is no thought, no desire, nothing is stirred in you. You are not contemplating about God or about great things … nature and its beauty, the Bible, the Koran, the Vedas, and their immensely significant statements. You are not contemplating! You are not concentrating on any special object either. You are not chanting a mantra, because those are all things of the mind, those are all contents of the mind.
You are not doing anything! The mind is utterly empty, and you are simply there in that emptiness. A kind of presence, a pure presence, with nowhere to go – utterly relaxed into oneself, at rest, at home.
That is the meaning of Buddha’s meditation.

Understanding is of the Heart

Understanding is not of the mind: understanding is of the heart. You will have to fall in love.
That’s what sannyas is all about. Falling in love with a Master, for NO reason at all – just for the sheer joy of falling in love with someone who has disappeared, who is no more, who has become a great nothing. Who has become a silence.

Quotes  from mysamasati.com

“We are all hung up in the head. That is our only problem. And there is only one solution: get down from the head into the heart and all problems disappear. They are created by the head. And suddenly everything is clear and so transparent that one is surprised how one was continuously inventing problems. Mysteries remain but problems disappear. Mysteries abound but problems evaporate. And mysteries are beautiful. They are not to be solved, they have to be lived.”
“We are not aware of how precious we are. We are not aware of the inexhaustible treasure that we are carrying within us. And because we are not aware of it we go on desiring small things, quarreling about mundane things, fighting, competing for something trivial. The moment you become aware of your own inner beauty all this struggle on the outside disappears. Life becomes calm and cool. Life attains to a grace. One is no more interested in the nonessential.”
“Truth is available only to the innocent consciousness – a consciousness which is as innocent as a child, a consciousness which knows nothing, When you know, your mirror is full of dust – knowledge gathers dust like a mirror. When you don’t know anything, you are full of wonder and awe, your mirror is clean. And that clean mirror reflects the truth.”
“Awareness is what the alchemists have been searching for: the elixir, the nectar, the magical formula that can help one to become an immortal.”
Osho – A Must for Contemplation Before Sleep

Take life as easily as possible. But people don’t understand me. I say to them, “Life is a mystery. It is not to be solved but to be lived.” And somebody has asked me, “Osho, when you said that, I heard, “Life is a MISERY, not to be solved but to be lived.”
That is up to you. To me it is a mystery, not to be solved but to be lived, but you can hear it as “misery.”
Don’t make unnecessary problems for yourself, so that your whole energy can become focused on the essential problem. And the essential problem is only one: Know thyself.
The Goose is Out #3

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