Level 2: Living From Your Center

The persons who have completed the 5 first sessions of level one and received the 5 keys have the opportunity to deepen their experience and continue the exploration, as follows:

Session 6 – Circles of Life

Here, you are presented with a diagram of concentric circles  that represent and explain the different layers of human nature, from the surface to the centre. This diagram gives you a deeper understanding of centering and how to be centered in daily life.

During the session, you are guided into each circle to experience how each of these layers contributes to the quality of your life, thus gaining greater access to your inner strengths, essential qualities and center.

Session 7 – Meeting Challenges

In this session, you learn to overcome challenges and difficult situations in your life. You choose a challenge to focus on and you learn to view the challenge as an opportunity to grow your strengths and capabilities as well as to achieve something that is important to you.

Session 8 – Right Action: Action Mode – Receptive Mode

Here, you learn to take effective action by being centered, balancing the time and effort you give to a project with receiving the results of your efforts. Your learn to recognize when to act and when to wait and receive.

Session 9 – Resolving Conflicts

In this session, your learn to identify inner conflicts that arise in the mind and emotions related to something you want in a creative project or any situation in your life. You learn to resolve inner conflicts by identifying and connecting with essential qualities related to each side of the conflict. You leave the session with an understanding that conflicts are resolved by connecting to your inner circles and this enables you to find creative solutions.

Session 10 – The Law of Grace

You are introduced to the Law of Grace, which means to be centered, whole, and functioning in harmony of your inner nature with the outer world.

When you are centered, you are naturally connected to the source. Life is not just an expression of the thoughts, emotions, actions and desires on the surface but is an expression of the integration of individuality and something greater. You discover that beautiful things happen in your life not just through effort but by grace.