Listening From the Heart

The exercises and guided meditations in this module help you to open your heart by listening attentively to people and to the sounds around you while feeling your heart. This connects your sense of listening to your heart and enables you to listen from the relaxed, loving and compassionate atmosphere of the heart.

Listening in this way is of tremendous value in communicating more effectively and in deeply understanding what others are saying to you. In ordinary listening, we often think about what the other is saying and make comments in our heads about what they say as we listen. When we listen in this way we may judge what the other says, jump to conclusions without really receiving what the other is saying. This internal commenting limits what we are able to hear and we can miss not only part of what the other says, but also the deeper meaning of what is communicated.

When listening from the heart, you simply listen without internal commenting. You receive what the other says from your heart, feeling and understanding the other person more deeply. You understand even what is communicated beyond the words. When listened to from the heart, people often feel they have the space to speak freely without being judged, feel more relaxed, understood, respected and seen.

When you listen from the heart, your response will touch the person more because they can feel you have really listened to them. Listening from the heart will enrich your personal and intimate relationships tremendously as well as enhance your ability to communicate more effectively at work.

Listening from the heart is simple, easy to do, and can be done in any situation without others noticing. The guided meditations are relaxing, pleasurable and help you to be more alert and present. This has an immediate positive result in your life.