Essential Life Consulting and Meditations Creators


Essential Life Consulting and Essential Life Meditations were created by Leela Lovegarden, Prasad David Wandres and Alvina Wandres. It is the result of teaching thousands of people in 39 countries how to live their life more fully and richly. Leela, David and Alvina are pioneers in creating personal growth programs that help people to increase their abilities, intelligence and utilize their potentials. Essential Life is a synthesis of business experience, personal growth and the inner world of meditation. Essential Life consultations and meditations are currently being offered in Italy, Japan, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and USA.

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Tantra Workshops and Trainings

End Of Life Hospice

La Maison de Tara offers an alternative to hospitalization for people nearing the end of life who are unable to stay at home but wish to spend their final days in a non-medicalized atmosphere surrounded by warmth, care and tenderness.