Heart Transformation

The exercises and guided meditations in this module help you to discover one of the qualities of the heart, which is to transform emotions. Normally when we feel emotionally disturbed, we may immediately try and do something to not have the feeling. Some people jump into the head and try to figure out why they feel the emotion, or rush to find a solution to get rid of the feeling. Others may get caught in blaming themselves or others in an attempt to not feel the emotion. It is natural to try and get away from emotions because they are uncomfortable, but this is not a lasting solution. What works is to remember your heart.

As you connect with your heart, you can feel and allow emotions without rejection. You discover the nature of the heart is to include and accept whatever you feel. Your heart is a space of unconditional love, embracing each emotion like a mother embraces a sad child, a hurt child, or an angry child. Your heart accepts and has compassion for your pain, or other emotions you are feeling.

Transforming emotions gives you a natural depth of feeling, which makes it possible to feel your essential nature and your many beautiful qualities inside. You feel lighter and more connected to yourself.