Heart and Meditation

There are many techniques from the great meditation traditions and  heart meditations are part of this wonderful journey to discovering your true nature. The essence of all the different techniques, including the Essential Life Heart Meditations, is that they help you to expand your awareness. With meditation you become more alert, mindful, present, able to be in the moment, and aware of what is happening within and around you. With meditation you become aware of your inner nature and the many treasures that you have inside.

What Do Heart Meditations Give?

Heart Meditations are simple techniques that open your heart and connect you to the many beautiful qualities you have inside that are essential to having a meaningful and rewarding life.

Opening Your Heart Through the Senses

The Essential Life Heart Meditations open the senses inward by connecting them to the heart. Heart meditations include listening , feeling and looking through the heart. This makes it possible to hear, feel and see from the loving and non-judgmental atmosphere of the heart and brings this quality into your life.

Why are Heart Meditations Important?

The heart is a bridge from the outer to the inner and from the inner to the outer. It has a quality that includes all the different aspects of life, enabling you to go in and become aware of the many treasures inside, as well as bringing these treasures and the peace and quiet of meditation into your daily life.

The Essential Life Heart Meditations are offered in 6 modules, offered in individual consultations lasting about 2 hours each. For more information, please contact Suvasa who would be pleased to answer all your questions

Here are the links towards the following pages where these modules are presented:

Listening From the Heart
Feeling the Heart
Seeing the Heart
The Intuition of the Heart
Heart Transformation
Eyes of Love