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Suvasa Mabille is  intuitive, practical and charismatic and developed the needed heart qualities in order to guide the persons who are ready to commit themselves to their inner journey. Living in different countries and environments  has given her various and rich life experiences.

In 1981, Suvasa was initiated by the Indian mystic Osho. After years of  work on herself,  meditation practice and in-depth trainings, (including trainings in counseling, helping skills, intuitive readings and meditation), Suvasa has also been certified in Essential Life Consulting. She is happy to share her passion and dedication to the inner growth and her work is an expression of her creative talents.

Suvasa creates a safe and friendly atmosphere enabling you to discover, learn and grow. She inspires you to live up to your true potential. She is not going to tell you what to do or how to be. Being in deep empathy with you makes it possible for her to understand you and help you to see and appreciate yourself in a profound way and to finalize the projects you most want.