Heart Meditations

To remember the heart is the simplest yet most potent way of meditating.

The heart center, or heart chakra, or spiritual heart, is the door to our inner nature.

Simply by touching this center in the middle of the chest with a hand, it starts vibrating, becoming alive and opening.

Then, by and by, the inner treasure box starts to be revealed – talents, essential qualities and the center

Like flowers in a garden, the sun of awareness gives energy and growth to love, trust, joy, intelligence and many more

Outer life reflects these beauties and love, trust, joy, intelligence happen in daily life

Nothing difficult, nothing complicated

One simply needs practice

The Practice of Meditation

Practice Meditation

  • when you wake up – before the mind comes in, scan your body
  • when you get up – take a deep breath and walk slowly to the bathroom
  • when you shower – feel the water massaging your body and enjoy it
  • when you drink – take slow sips and enjoy the warm liquid going down the throat
  • when you eat – savor each mouthful and chew slowly, enjoying the taste
  • during the day – pause a few times, take a deep breath and bring yourself in the moment
  • as often as possible – remember your heart – place your hand on your heart and take a deep breath
  • when you go to bed – remember to be grateful for whatever you have received that day
  • and above all – love yourself, forgive yourself and others, enjoy, laugh and celebrate!