Level 1: The 5 Keys


These 5 Keys enable you to discover your inner being and show you how to express it in daily life. They are especially relevant in meeting the many challenges you may face each day.

Key 1 – Opening Your Vision

In your first session you open your vision and stretch your imagination about what is truly possible for you in life. You learn to define with greater clarity what you want and choose a creative project, something specific that you would like to have in your life. Having a creative project will enable you to practically learn how to use the 5 keys in your life.

Key 2 – Essential Qualities

In this session you identify essential qualities, which are part of your deeper nature. You discover that qualities such as love, harmony and courage are already within you and that qualities like these are what give value and meaning to life. You learn how to access your essential qualities so that the goals in your creative project are connected to your essential nature and what is important to you in life.

Key 3 – Connecting to Your Strengths

With Key 3 you learn to identify your unique strengths and talents and how to use them when you need them in daily life. Using your strengths makes it possible to have what you want in your creative project and at the same time to be connected to your essential nature and express this in your life.

Key 4 – Freedom from Mindsets

Key 4 shows you how to overcome obstacles such as limiting ideas about yourself or disturbing emotions that can interfere with having what you want in your creative project. Dissolving or overcoming obstacles like these clears the way for you to move forward smoothly and easily.

Key 5 – Taking Right Action

‘Right Action’ happens when you are in balance between energy that you give to make your project happen and energy you receive as you move along. Right action also happens when there is a balance between seeing the end result of what you wish to achieve and paying close attention to each small step that moves you forward toward your goal. You identify the steps that you can take to achieve the goals in your creative project.